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Service Wikipedia.
Service business, an aggregation of a service engagement with one or more service acts between two or more service systems creating service outcomes. Service economics, the non-material equivalent of a good in economics and marketing, within a serviceproduct continuum. Service economy, which increases the integration of services in other sectors of the economy.
Service systems architecture Wikipedia.
In the contexts of software architecture, service-orientation and service-oriented architecture, the term service refers to a software functionality or a set of software functionalities such as the retrieval of specified information or the execution of a set of operations with a purpose that different clients can reuse for different purposes, together with the policies that should control its usage based on the identity of the client requesting the service, for example.
Service economics Wikipedia.
Business functions that apply to all organizations in general. Human resources administrators providing services like ensuring that employees are paid accurately. Cleaning, patronage, repair and maintenance services. Janitors who provide cleaning services. Electricians offering the service of making wiring work properly.
Service Definition of Service by Merriam-Webster.
Note: Although service of process is primarily the means for a court to exert personal jurisdiction over a person, some form of service as by publication of notice in a newspaper is also usually required for exercise of in rem or quasi in rem jurisdiction.

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